Universal primer for plaster AGM 5 кг

Universal primer for plaster, bucket 5 kg.

Quantity per carton

12 product

Мinimum quantity

100 product

Quantities per pallet

60 product

Delivery time

14 days



Universal primer for plaster AGM 175 is a high quality, ready to apply primer before application of facade /silicate, silicone, polymer, mineral/ plasters. For internal and external application.

COLOUR: tinted with the colour of the plaster.

CONSUMPTION RATE: 0,200 – 0,250 g/sq.m.

PACKAGING: Bucket 5 kg (pallet 115 pcs. = 575 kg).

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Size of a bag 15 x 20 x 20 cm
Weight 5 kg
Color in the color of the plaster
Suitable for silicate, silicone, polymer, mineral plasters