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Deliveries of goods purchased from our online store are done by a courier and only within the Republic of Bulgaria which excludes Bulgarian diplomatic missions, embassies, ships and planes under the Bulgarian flag, and any other locations defined by international law as part of the Republic of Bulgaria. At the moment of delivery, a handover protocol is signed (the buyer writes down his first and last name, certifying conclusion of the delivery). The deadline for delivery for goods ordered through the online store is 7 days.

IMPORTANT!!! The provided terms are applied as far as they do not contradict the delivery terms provided by the respective courier.

In all cases “MUSALA TRADE” shall reserve its right, unilaterally and without notifying the consumer, to prolong all terms up to 14 days. Goods are delivered to customers in person and against a signature. Larger packages (as determined by the person delivering the product) are delivered to the entrance of the building. In case of non-delivery due to inability or hindrance, the following is applied:
1. for business addresses – delivery to a person employed at the relevant address by entering the name and positon/department of the recipient;
2. for home addresses – delivery to a member of the household by entering the name of the recipient and their relation to the purchaser. Upon failure to delivery on the first visit, not due to “MUSALA TRADE” and/or the courier (in case no one is present at the address, etc.), the courier leaves a notice with a phone number for the customer to call within 3 business days to determine a new delivery term. In case of non-delivery at the second visit, not due to “MUSALA TRADE” and/or the courier, the distance sales contract is automatically terminated as a sanction due to non-performance by the buyer. “MUSALA TRADE” retains all sums payed by the customer. The information provided in the previous sentence also applies when a customer refuses to accept a package for unfounded reasons.

“MUSALA TRADE” is not responsible for any failed orders if the purchaser has provided false, incomplete and/or incorrect data, including incomplete, incorrect or fictitious address.

Customers can benefit from the services:

FREE DELIVERY – available for some orders – depends on the products and the order’s value. Add required products to cart to see the delivery charge. Check the product description, some products will be marked: free delivery

NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY of insulation materials is possible for some orders placed before 10am (products marked as ‘delivery time: 1 – 2 days’ in product description, subject to current stock level and delivery slots availability), however, please allow 2-3 working days, specially to some rural locations. If a next day delivery is crucial, please contact us before placing your order online.

Delivery of some insulation products may take a bit longer – please check the delivery time in product description. In some cases we may offer you the same type of insulation with the same performance and quality from another manufacturer to speed up the delivery (you will not pay more – we’ll refund the difference in price if the alternative product is cheaper). We reserve the right to make partial deliveries or split the delivery.

Please note we require signature upon delivery. Re-delivery charges might be applied If there is no one available to accept the delivery. The transport price is paid in one direction only. Prices are not subject to change (VAT included).

Deliveries are made on a day and within a time range which have been preliminary agreed upon with the customer in the store at the time of purchase.

We need to have access to the address of delivery by asphalt or paved road. The delivery is made to the place closest to that of the delivery address specified by the customer which — in the opinion of the driver — allows for smooth and save parking, lowering of the tailboard and unloading.

The goods are handed over and received on/from the tailboard of the delivery vehicle according to i. 2.This service does not include unloading. Unloading is organized and performed by and at the expense of the customer. It begins immediately after receipt of the goods and should be done for the time normally required for unloading the respective type of goods.

All goods are delivered packaged in pallet/Euro-pallet with the exception of those for which this proves impossible. The customer pays a deposit of BGN 8.00 per pallet or BGN 19.99 per Euro-pallet. The deposit is refunded if the pallet/Europallet is returned to the store where the goods were purchased.

The receipt of goods only takes place upon the presentation of an identity document, of the purchase document (invoice or receipt) and upon signing a hand-over document.

Any claims for obvious and transportation defects are only accepted if made on the spot, upon delivery.

In all cases of unjustified refusal to receive the delivered goods, the customer pays the transportation cost in both directions. In this case, the goods will be received at the store where they are purchased within 2 calendar days as of the date of refusal. In case of delayed receipt, “MUSALA TRADE” is entitled to charge for a providing a warehouse to store each of the goods in the amount of BGN 5.00/day, VAT included. “MUSALA TRADE” is not responsible for any goods not received after 14 days from the date of receipt.

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