Lime-cement Machine Plaster 40 kg

Lime-cement machine plaster for walls and ceilings, bag 40 kg.

Quantity per carton

12 product

Мinimum quantity

100 product

Quantities per pallet

60 product

Delivery time

14 days



Lime-cement machine plaster is dry mixture of lime, cement, sand and additives. Suitable for obtaining a quality finish in all interior, including industrial and wet rooms. It has the property to regulate air humidity.

Suitable for making single-layer internal lime-cement plaster of walls and ceilings. Suitable for machine and manual application.


10 – 12 kg/m² for 1 cm layer thickness

– 40 kg bag (pallet: 30 bags = 1200 kg.)

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SKU AG0370713
Size of a bag 50 x 34 x 11 cm
Weight 40 kg
For Walls and ceilings
Features Cement based
Declaration of Performance