Hydroinsulation super plast BAUCEM

Baucem SUPER PLAST is one-component acrylic hydro insulation.

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One-component, solvent-free, acrylate-based paste containing crystallisation penetrating additives which seal the concrete and prevent the penetration of water.
The paste is used as a seamless, waterproof coating on roofs, walls and floors, concrete structures, swimming pools, bathrooms and showers, kitchens and worktops before laying ceramic tiles or natural stones.
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The waterproofing layer is used for internal and external application, and has the following qualities:

  • Resistant to UV rays;
  • High flexibility at low and high temperatures;
  • Elastic waterproofing;
  • Very good fit;
  • Economy consumption rate;
  • Easy application on vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces;

You can choose a package: 5 kg; 25 kg.

It is applied with a smooth spatula or brush as a single layer coating under the flooring specified for the given object.