Forefont paint FARB

Acrylate-based facade paint for painting new and old buildings. Suitable for application on thermal insulation systems as a final coating.

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Homogeneous and easily removable acrylate-based mass with added fillers to improve quality.

Used for painting cement and lime plasters, light concrete or cellular concrete elements and walls.

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- For outdoor use;

- Good coverage and flowability;

- Homogeneous dense mass that is easily removable;

- Excellent adhesion to surfaces;

- Meets established standards;

- Guaranteed long-lasting coverage

- Economical consumption

- Excellent drying properties.

The substrate cleans well from any contaminants. Bumps are removed. The paint is applied on all mineral bases, but not on old alkyd coatings. The substrates must be primed beforehand.

Application is by brush or roller.