Antifreeze concentrate BRAVACOLOR

Classic antifreeze concentrate for internal combustion engine vehicles.

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A water-based solution of ethylene glycol with additives that provide the corrosion-resistant properties of the liquid. Antifreeze is a fluid that ensures efficient heat transfer in water-cooled internal combustion engines.

Storage – in dry and well-ventilated areas, away from direct sunlight.

Transport – can be transported by any means of transportation, following safety measures.

Warranty period – 5 years from the production date.

Technical safety – to be used in compliance with occupational hygiene requirements.

Vapors are hazardous and can irritate the eyes and respiratory system.

Keep out of reach of children.

Fire precautions – do not use in areas at risk of fire or where fire-fighting equipment and ventilation are not available.

Extinguish with sand, extinguishing powder, chemical or foam. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

If necessary, refer to the safety data sheet.

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Dilute the antifreeze concentrate with distilled water in a 1:1 ratio. When changing the antifreeze brand from one manufacturer to another, the old antifreeze should be flushed with pre-prepared water. It is not permissible to add only the concentrate as a higher concentration reduces the fluidity of the coolant and decreases its ability to dissipate heat.